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    Does JBoss provide container managed transactions for Castor

    raghav Newbie

      I am trying to use castor jdo from JBoss.

      from a Stateless session bean , i am able to create and query the JDOs.but , some times , if any exception comes during the castor jdo interaction. transaction is not rolled back. and i see some of records of the incomplete
      transaction being persisted in the db.

      i would like to know , whether JBoss provides container managed transaction support for castor jdos (though castor implements JTA).

      Environment :
      JBoss3.0.6 , jdk1.4.1 , mysql, castor- and castor-jboss-plugin ( i.e.
      MBean available in jboss source )

      deploy ment descriptors contain :
      1) SessionBean which manipulates with JDO as "container managed transaction"
      2) RequiresNew

      can some one clarify this i.e. container managed transaction support for
      castor jdos in jboss.?