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    fengdabin Newbie

      After i did the things as follows, my project didn't work correctly

      1.write EntityBean
      2.write ejb-jar.xml
      3.write jboss-service.xml

      what else do i have to do?

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          ali-gator Newbie

          You must have 3 xml with your bean:

          > ejb-jar.xml
          > jboss.xml
          > jbosscmp-jdbc.xml



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            fengdabin Newbie

            In jboss3.0.6, do you mean that the file is standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml?
            and how to write the xml?
            could you give me an example?
            one more question:
            do you mean that i have to package all three xml files and bean files together?
            thank very much!

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              ali-gator Newbie

              Here are the 3 files I mentionned.
              I used XDoclet so were they automatically generated but you can do it by yourself.

              It's a quite simple example where you just have a table called BONUS with 2 fields (ID the primary key, and BONUS).
              I know, it's not very clever to use the same name for the table and a field ;-)

              Those 3 files must be put in a repository called META-INF which must be package in your jar file:

              |-------- your package <----- *.class
              |-------- META-INF <----------*.xml

              Hope it'll help you. Regards