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    BMP dbConnection problem in 3.x HELP!!!

    Schmitz Newbie

      Thanks for reading this!

      We have been using JBoss 2.4.6 for a very large BMP application without a hitch.
      Upgrading to 3.0.4 produced the following: the DB connections seem to rapidly accumulate to the point where the connection pool or the database (Oracle 8) are saturated (150+ connections).
      Tried to go for JBoss 3.2 but then it refuses to work if the connections are not created right in the method of the session bean where the SQL is executed.

      We have a session bean dedicated to producing connection objects. Each method requests a new connection before executing an SQL, there is no caching of either the Connections or the DataSources.

      Please don't say we're gonna stay with JBoss 2.4 forever!?