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    BLOB in Primary Key

    morten andersen Newbie

      I've been using Hypersonic as my Database for a while, but as it is very important, that the information is persisted in a real database, I decided to use mysql. This has caused a problem with my beans. As I deploy the application I get the following error:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error while creating table; - nested t
      hrowable: (java.sql.SQLException: General error, message from server: "BLOB col
      umn 'id' used in key specification without a key length")
      The id field is an Object with only one field, which is an int.

      Maybe I should just use some automatically generated Primary Key mechanisms instead...
      Or use another database...
      Or use Integer as my primary key...

      Any suggestions?


      Morten Andersen