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    Why are my CMR fields generated as BLOBs?

    dab Newbie

      I have a Many-to-one CMR field setup.

      M-Tracking to 1-Part

      My Tracking bean is defined along the lines:

      public abstract class TrackingBean
      implements EntityBean {
      public abstract void TrackingLocal.setPart(PartLocal part)

      My Part bean has a Long primary key.

      Problem is the Tracking table generated in Oracle 8.1.7
      defines the column representing the 'part' foreign key
      PART_ID as a BLOB rather than a NUMBER.

      Does anyone have an explanation ? Plus a

      Note: I am using JBoss 3.2.0. A fragment of my
      ejb-jar.xml is provided below (I am using xdoclet to
      generate this)

      Thanks in advance!


      <ejb-relation >

      <ejb-relationship-role >
      <relationship-role-source >
      <cmr-field >

      <ejb-relationship-role >
      <relationship-role-source >