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    Dynamic query using null Object[] params

    tom dearman Newbie

      Since I am using both weblogic and jboss (various customers) I need to minimise differences in code. In Weblogic DynamicQL you generate a string with the parameters as part of the string dynamically and then pass to the dynamic query object. In JBoss you have the string with ?1 ?2 etc and Objec[] params. You can minimise the ?1 ?2 etc part to one and have an array of one value with the other values as part of the string but there doesnt seem to be a way to pass either null or new Object[0] to the dynamic query to signify that the string contains all the query without ? parts. Is there a way to do this. I last tried it on 3.0.6

      PS does anyone know if dynamic queries is likely to become part of the J2EE spec one day