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    ejbSelects returning ResultSets

    Dave Head-Rapson Newbie


      I'm porting an app from WebLogic to JBoss. So far things have been going OK, but I'm struggling to port some WebLogic CMP custom finders. They are ejbSelects which return java.sql.ResultSet.

      The weblogic-ql (jboss-ql equivalent) is much quicker than ejb-ql because the required value object contains fields from at least 2 EJBs. If I try to implement through ejb-ql I have to do a finder on the first EJB, then iterate through them retrieving, then getting values from the second EJB. Which is very slow.

      Does Jboss have a way to implement ejbSelects returning ResultSets ?

      My only other option seems to create a readonly EJB covering the required fields on both the EJBs....

      Thanks in advance