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    problem with rich:datagrid binding attribute

    dhanaraja rajendiran Newbie

      I used different  rich:datagrids on my application..but all the datagrid binding attributes are same....





      same above binding attributes i used in 3 different datagrids..except this binding attribute name remaining all are different.Like datagrid ID,value attribute etc..


      say 3 datagrids names are datagrid1, datagrid2, datagrid3


      but to this i got below problem,


      1.If I open datagrid1 and without logout if i go to datagrid2 some prepopulation problem is coming up


            ie, datagrid1 still coming in my page (which is wrong)

                datagrid2 also coming (which is correct)


             If i refresh the browser datagrid1 is getting dissapeared.


      and more more thing datagrid1 is in different page and datagrid2 is in different jsf page...


      2.Same happening for vise vers also..



      Note: i cannot use different binding attribute for all 3 datagrids as it is used in many places and dependency is very hight..splitting it if difficult..


      kindly let me know if anybody have idea to resolve this issue..



      Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!