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    Dependencies for a remote client for jboss 5.0.1

    Marteijn Nouwens Newbie

      Is there anybody wo know what the maven depenency is for running a stand alone swing app againg jboss 5.0.1. We only need the remote ejb3 stuff. In 4.2.3 we manually included 3 libraries and the size was about 6mb. Acceptable.

      No for 5.0.1 everything is maven and we would like to use the maven repo and poms to include the needed libraries.

      Is there anybody using the maven depenency


      This seemed to us the richt one to use but it resolves to about mb on libraries and we see a lot of duplication and server side stuff.

      And gettign these libraries in some cases these are duplicates containing the same classes only with the one with classifier client and the other not.

      This is not maven to the resque but something else.

      Mybe i am using the wrong dependency but all i need to have is ejb3 connection and in the future maybe jms. On 4.2.3 we reduced it to 3 files. But the number is not the big issue it's the size we are seeing. a swing client of 40 mb of wich 30 is jboss remoting and server side stuff.

      Hope somebody knows the answer.