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    Strange JSF error

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      I'm migrating an application from AS 7.1.1 with mojarra 2.1.4 to AS 7.2.0 with mojarra 2.1.19.


      I have a dataTable iterating over a List of rows, and on each row there are also subrows which I iterate with ui:repeat, having inputTexts bound to the sub-values.

      On 7.1.1, I can remove the dataTable row just fine but on 7.2.0 I'm seeing the issue where values partly "lag" from the deleted row. Say I have



         subdata1 = 1

         subdata2 = 2

         subdata3 = 3


         subdata1 = 0

         subdata2 = 0

         subdata3 = 0


      If I remove Row1, I expect it to go away and have only one row with all subdatas being 0 but what I get is that I have subdatas 1,0,0 where 1 has been left behind from the deleted row

      Does Stan Silvert (putting "JSF" in the subject usually summons him ) or anyone else have any recollection of such a mojarra issue?


      Thanks in advance,