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    Deployments from Domain Mode

    Joseph Fouts Novice

      I am running a cluster from domain mode and was wondering if anyone knows how to setup a hot deploy?

      It seems the only way I can do a re-deploy is by doing an explicit Replace from the Manage Deployments

      tab from the console.  Is this the only way that I can do a re-deploy?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Joseph Fouts Novice

          Thanks Stephen.


          So with your info I take it that there is no way to control re-deployments from the console?

          I was kind of hoping to be able to do everything from the console.

          Do you think that this might be a feature that they might be adding in future releases?



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            Stephen Coy Master

            I'm failing to read between the lines.


            Exactly what are you trying to do and why?


            Are you trying to stop, and then restart the application, or are you trying to replace it?

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              Joseph Fouts Novice

              Using a Domain Controller and its console I am able to manage many machines, many servers and many server groups.

              I can do all of this without use the CLI.

              Now from the console I can setup deployments (aka Manage Deployements) and tie them to different server groups.


              Exactly what are you trying to do and why?


              The application jar file has changed so now I want to re-deploy the jar file to all of the servers that are tied to the server group assigned

              to the jar file.


              I was hoping that it was just a hot deploy.  Meaning that once a new jar file was placed into the folder of the managed deployment's location

              it would have been automatically been re-deployed to all of the the assigned servers.  Since that does not happen I was looking for a Re-Deploy

              button but I could not find that either.  What I ened up doing was having to "Replace" the original jar file and just point it to the original location.

              Doing this forced me to have to restart the server group. 


              Using the CLI is fine it just seems that I should be able to do it all from the console and not have to switch over to a CLI window.


              As I mentioned in my earlier comment I think a hot deployment would be nice feature to add in a future release.