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    cross site replication and data versioining


      Hi all:


      I am trying to set up a bi-driectional replication between 2 sites using cross site replication feature in 5.2. Here is a question comes to my mind:


      How do I ensure the ordering of updates on the same entry acorss sites?


      I am using "async" for the cross site replication. Hence, it is pssible changes from different sites, even the samce sites could be replicated across site, could get out of order.

      For example, site 1 changes item A, it sends the change to site 2 (asynchroniouly), site 2 modifies the original item A (before the change from Site 1 is received), then the change from site 1 arrives which will override the local item A.




      In looking into this, I am wondering if data versioning will help in this case.


      Could someone explain how data versioning works with corss site replication?


      Any suggestions?