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    block_device_mapping to block_device_mappings change in 0.10.4?

    Jonathan Claybaugh Newbie

      Hi Boxgrinder Superstars,


      I am using boxgrinder for the first time and I was having trouble adding ephemeral storage using the ec2 plugin and ebs delivery module.  All the documentation I found uses the --delivery-config block_device_mapping:'/dev/xvdb=ephemeral0', etc... syntax, however this was not working and did not appear to sending this argument to the EBS API.  A read through the code make it look like the option "block_device_mappings" was the configuration string that was being looked for, and after changing the option I was able to get the ephemeral block devices to show up.


      I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but confusing given the number of URLs that contain the old syntax.