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    CUSTOM backupFailurePolicy does not work with ASYNC strategy


      ISPN version: 5.2.5.Final


      I configure xsite backupFailurePolicy="CUSTOM" and specified failurePolicyClass (see below xml configuration).


      When the strategy is set to "ASYNC", the failurePolicyClass code is never got invoked!!


      But, same code will will be invoked if the strategy is set to "SYNC".


      This tells me that this is very likely a bug in the code.


      I just want to get some feedback before I file JIRA issue.





                      <backup site="NYC" strategy="ASYNC" backupFailurePolicy="CUSTOM" failurePolicyClass="com.test.cluster.infinispan.CrossSiteReplicationFailurePolicy" timeout="12003"/>


                      <backup site="NYC" strategy="SYNC" backupFailurePolicy="FAIL" timeout="12003"/>


                      <backup site="BOULDER" strategy="ASYNC" enabled="false"/>