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    ways to poll xsite connectivity?


      I am trying to find a way to allow me to monitor and poll the status of backup sites in side my application.


      Right now (ISPN 5.2.5.final), the status is only updated when replication fails and with backup stategy is set to "SYNC" and <takeOffline/> is configuired.


      In other words, the status is not updated when backup strategy is set to ASYNC (see my previous post on CUTOM failurePolicy) and/or <takeOffline/> is not configred.


      Note, I am aware of JMX interfaces. But the status has the same problem as describer above.



      I am thinking that we should be able to get the status by directly polling jgroups protocol/channel info.  But, after I spent a few hours in looking into the source code, I have not find a class or interface exposed at cache level to allow me to probe the status at jgroups protocol/channel level.


      I really need a workaround here. Thanks for any help.