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    SwitchYard fault handling

    krivko Newbie



      Is there such thing as exception/fault listener that intercepts the SY message before fault leaves i.e. via SOAP or any other binding?


      Thanks for your answers!

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          Łukasz Dywicki Novice


          There is a org.switchyard.bus.camel.ErrorListener interface. If you will implement it and annotate with @Named in CDI deployment unit it will receive notification about exceptions occured during mediation. However you should not affect the message here, since it's rather for storing message somewhere else for audit purposes. If you want transform SOAP Fault then the best usecase is custom Transformer called during handling fault repiles. To verify payload types just enable debug logging for org.switchyard.handlers category.

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            krivko Newbie

            Thanks for the useful tip!


            The SOAP binding I mentioned was only an example