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    External App Resource Folder in Jboss 5.1 classpath

    Kumar R Newbie

      Hi -


           I am migrating an application from weblogic 10.3 to Jboss 5.1 EAP. I am trying to add a resource folder which the app needs in the classpath (Resource folder has xls file for rules processing along with the jar file) of Jboss. However I am not able to find a good way of doing it.


      So far I copied app related xml files (Spring context and other) in the conf folder and it got picked up for development. Is it a good practice to have it similar way for production too or is there any other good way to achieve this. Also, can you pleaes let me know how to add a custom external folder with all the xls files and jar files when the server starts. Can I also copy it under "conf" folder ? Is it a good thing ?


      I tried this today morning in jboss-service.xml and it did not work. Between I am running Jboss instance  from eclipse not as a standalone.


      <classpath codebase="file:/C:/jboss510GA/server/default/resources" archives="*"/>