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    Errai in IBM WebSphere 8.5

    Peter Gigler Newbie



      We use Errai in a project on IBM WebSphere 8.5. Unfortunately we can't inject CDI Beans into Errai Managed service code (annotated by @Service). Actually we can't inject CDI Beans into a Servlet either. It looks like WebSphere CDI Container scans the project, but it is not able to find any CDI beans.


      I'd like to know if anybody had similar problem in WebSphere or was able to configure it. I would appreciate any help, clue.



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          Jonathan Fuerth Master

          Hi Peter,


          I've never tried to deploy an Errai app in WebSphere, but I can offer these two questions/hints that might help:


          1. Do you have the empty WEB-INF/beans.xml file in your deployment, and a META-INF/beans.xml in each jar that contains CDI beans?

          2. Does the exact same app work when deployed to JBoss AS 7?




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            Mike Brock Master

            Hi Peter, currently the server-side integration of Errai CDI is not a fully portable extension and relies on Weld-specific features. It thus works fine with JBoss AS and GlassFish. The reason for this is principally that te CDI 1.0 specification was missing some things that were needed to facilitate our itnegration. These issues have been ameliorated in CDI 1.1, so we expect that our CDI Extension will be more portable across appservers in the future.