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    wsdl breaks using 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

    Jeff Bride Novice


        attached to this post is an example SY app (packaged as a jar) that exposes a soap service and deploys just fine in SY-0.8.0.Final on EAP6.0.1

        the same SY app does not deploy using SY-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT on EAP6.1 ER7.  The following exception is thrown:



      Unexpected element parsing vfs:/content/purchasing-CreditAgency-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar/wsdl/schema/creditAgency.xsd:   schema


      modification to the wsdl in the jar such that the schema is embedded in the wsdl does correct the problem.  (please see zip attachment).


      However, folks already have working SY apps with wsdls/XSDs as demonstrated in the SY jar file. 

      It would be helpful if their existing SY apps do not break due to this problem when they upgrade to the version of SOA-6 built on SY1.0.0 .