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    Validation Fails

    Mark Rees Newbie

      A really dumb question.  After HOURS AND HOURS of trial and error, and HOURS of internet search, still no joy.


      There is no such thing as a quick start any longer with drools and guvnor and AS...


      Situation: A complete fresh install of all the latest and greatest...


      6.0.0.Beta2 of all things drools




      jboss as is running, guvnor...war file loaded


      user added, one for management realm, one for application realm.


      No matter how many computers we've tried, we are always prompted with "UF" logon screen, and NO PASSWORDS OF ANY SORT, will work.


      javax.servlet.ServletException: org.uberfire.security.auth.AuthenticationException: Validation fails.


      How does one logon???