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    JBoss 5.0.1GA - Disable or override default transaction behavior specified in transaction-jboss-beans.xml

    Shashank Raj Holavanalli Newbie

      I have a Message Driven Bean that has a TransactionAttrbute set to REQUIRED. It basically looks for jobs in a queue and starts them in a new transaction and waits for them to complete. I have one job that runs for more than the transaction timeout value specified in transaction-jboss-beans.xml and hence i get a time out exception for the transaction that was started by the MDB. How do i tell JBoss to stop counting the Transaction Timout value when running this job in particular ? I do not want to change the transaction timeout value by using the @TransactionTimeout annotation. I basically want to tell JBoss to stop counting the transaction timeout value when running only this job. And i also don't care if this particuar job is not inside any transaction.