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    Remote JMS queue and multiple listeners reading messages selectively from the same queue example

    Rajat Nair Newbie

      Good Morning,

                            I have been learning and making progress in doing small projects involving switchyard(using switchyard 0.8 with jboss).I thought of posting this example that i created back to the forum as i saw some other posts asking about it, also wanted to get feedback from folks here if there are ways i could have done this better.


      The sample projects i have attached do the following

      1) switchyard-RemoteJMSWriter - Reads files from a ftp folder routes it using Content based routing and adds the appropriate header to the message.Final step involves writing to a remote Queue that resides on another instance of Jboss


      2) switchyard-myJmsReceiver - Listens on the remote queue and picks up messages based on message selector specified, process it and writes it to a folder on the disk


      3) switchyard-myJmsReceiverWD - Same as point 2 above , but writes to a different folder and has a different message selector.



      The word documents details on how to setup remote queues for this project on jboss.This project deals with apps residing on 2 instances of jboss.


      Please let me know what you folks think about these, suggestions most welcome