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    The bounds of a task should it be relative to its swimlane?

    ooharak Newbie

      I eventually come to an unexpected behavior

      when planning to import/export a BPMN2 file to/from  the designer of drools-guvnor demo.


      Does anyone have any ideas on this issue?


      If a swimlane is at (10,10) and its containing task (80,80) in a BPMN2 file,

      then the web designer will display that task at (90,90) which is (10+80, 10+80), relative to the container lane.


      However, by reading the specification of BPMN, I thought (80,80) would be correct.


      * Rationale

      The graphical diagram aspect of a process definition is serialized in the BPMN file using BPMN DI (BPMNShape etc.)

      According to the Specification, The bounds of a BPMNShape are always relative to the origin point of its BPMNPlane.

      > http://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/2.0/PDF/

      > BPMNShape



      * Expect:

      As both swimlanes and tasks are depicted using BPMNShape,

      the bounds of a task are't relative to the origin point of its container swimlane.

      Instead should it just be relative to the origin point ofits owner plane, i.e. usually a process .

      For instance, Figure 12.132 and Table 12.41 of the Specification


      * Actual:

      When I create an arbitrary BPMN file including a task within a lane and import it to drools-guvnor,

      then the web designer displays my task relative to the lane.

      This actual behavior is diffent from the expectation above.


      * Note

      I found a bug related to the issue above :


      but it says node's x/y values in bpmn file are relative to Swimlane, which is different from my understanding.