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    Help moving from jboss 4.05 to 5.1 GA ..configurating ports???

    Lucas Bonilla Newbie

      Hello Everyone, im new using jboss and i have 2 apllications what are running in my old server and i need them in the new server...

      i know i have to setup the file /server/default/conf/bindingservice.beans/META-INF/bindings-jboss-beans.xml but i dont know how




      OLD SERVER :

      Windows Server 2003, Jboss 4.0.5

      I have to 3 applications ..






      in each CONF folder for each application i see the the jboss-service.xml edit and diferent in the highligt part..:


      ==================================================================== -->

         <!-- Service Binding                                                      -->

         <!-- ==================================================================== -->



         <!-- Automatically activated when generatting the clustering environment -->

         <!-- @TESTSUITE_CLUSTER_CONFIG@ -->




            | Binding service manager for port/host mapping. This is a sample

            | config that demonstrates a JBoss instances with a server name 'ports-01'

            | loading its bindings from an XML file using the ServicesStoreFactory

            | implementation returned by the XMLServicesStoreFactory.


            | ServerName: The unique name assigned to a JBoss server instance for

            | lookup purposes. This allows a single ServicesStore to handle mulitiple

            | JBoss servers.


            | StoreURL: The URL string passed to org.jboss.services.binding.ServicesStore

            | during initialization that specifies how to connect to the bindings store.

            | StoreFactory: The org.jboss.services.binding.ServicesStoreFactory interface

            | implementation to create to obtain the ServicesStore instance.


         <mbean code="org.jboss.services.binding.ServiceBindingManager"


           <attribute name="ServerName">ports-01</attribute>

           <attribute name="StoreURL">${jboss.home.url}/docs/examples/binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml</attribute>

           <attribute name="StoreFactoryClassName">






           <!-- ==================================================================== -->

         <!-- Class Loading                                                        -->

         <!-- ==================



      in the other folder same file edited by ports-02 and ports-03





      Windows server 2008, 64bits, Jboss 5.1.0GA


      same tree,






      the application in default works OK in http://localhost:8080... but the others i dont know how to set up.....

      jboss-service.xml is diferent an what read online is that now with just editing the bindings-jboss-beans.xml is enough but i dont know how to do it ..


      Any help will be great, if we need more info please let me know...


      Thank in advance.