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    The Grouping API

    Ben Cotton Newbie

      At https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/ISPN/The+Grouping+API it is documented:


      >   In some cases you may wish to co-locate a group of entries onto a particular node. In this, the group API will be useful for you.


      How?  EXACTLY HOW?


      At the URL above, an example implementation of Grouper<T>#computeGroup(key, origGroup) is provided.  In the example provided, a key is mapped to Group "1" or Group "2".


      QUESTION:   How do I use this Key-->Group mapping to then pin the key to a particular physical Node executing on the Infinispan grid?  I need to go from computeGroup() /* pinning a key to a Group */ to computeNode() /* pinning a key to a Node */.   How?