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    Run Arquillian tests as a suite...

    Cory Dahlstrom Novice



      We are upgrading our appliction to JBoss 7 and we have a very large suite of tests which used to run in the old JBoss Microcontainer.


      I'm converting over to Arquillian running in JBoss 7 and the tests are working out well.  However, I'm having trouble running all of the tests as a suite.  Arquillian wants to deploy/undeploy the ear with each test class instead of running

      all of the tests against the same deployment.


      I'm running the tests in JUnit like this:









      Is there any way to make it so I can do 1 deployment and then run all of the tests against that deployment ( much like we did with the microcontainer )?


      I have seen this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12244577/arquillian-junit-testsuite, but I'm wondering if this is really the case.





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          Cory Dahlstrom Novice

          Just wanted to let folks know that I was able to get this running with this link:  https://github.com/it-crowd/arquillian-suite-extension.  Thanks to the folks for creating this.  You need to add this as an extension to Arquillian and then you can run the tests as a suite ( We are using JUnit 4 ) where you have one deployable which gets deployed once and undeployed once.


          This brings up another question. We were using the "JBoss Microcontainer" for running our tests in the JBoss 4 environment.  It's my understanding the upgrade path from the microcontainer is to use Arquillian.  After getting the tests running with Arquillian, the tests run in much the same way as the did in the microcontainer.  I just can't believe Arquillian has not supported running suites of tests until recently.  Or at least running in a way where you deploy once, run all the tests, and then undelploy.    Even with hundreds of tests, let alone thousands I could see it taking days to do one test run.  Is there another way to do this that I'm missing?





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            Karthik Shantaraman Newbie

            Hi javacory


            I am running an application that has 2 JUNit Tests, but each time the server gets deployed and undeployed for each test. Could you let me know how to use the arquillian-suite-extension as described above by you? I am using an apache-tomcat-container.