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    Can i add tabs windows in plugin

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello friends,


                            I saw the tab window in the operations--> cron expression--> Help(?) menu, it looks really awesome. defaultly that have the two tabs Format,Example. Can i add the additional tab in here. How to customize it. any notes for it. Please help me. Can i implement it.








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          Lukas Krejci Apprentice

          You cannot add tabs like that. All you can do in your plugin is to provide descriptions of your operation and parameters it takes. Those should be rendered in the UI.


          The tabs for the cron expression (which is how you can specify the schedule on which the operation runs, which is a server feature - plugins know nothing about this capability) are hardcoded in the UI. To change them, you need to modify the UI code of the server.

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            Libor Zoubek Newbie

            Hi Udaya,


            you cannot add tabs. Those tabs are related to any opearation that can be run by user. You can only influence operation input parameters and it's outcome.

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              udayatom Newbie

              Thank you  guys( lukas, Libor), ok friends, My expectation is putting the values in the table form. In Mysql plugin, results are displayed in the simple property in the result. can we transform into that values into table form. because there(in mysql plugin operation-->Query (or) Update) , the output result concatinate with html element. but it shows the string. Can i get as table. Is it possible. table structure is really useful if it straight not means how to achieve indirectly....


              my orginal post is here


              {Actually i tried lot, unfortuantely i saw the cron Help tab, i wonder about it. }