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    ModuleClassLoader for WAR only sees WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes (no "resources") ?

    drh01 Newbie

      I am debugging a classloading issue; my spring ContextLoaderListener is attempting to load an XML file from WEB-INF/beanRefContext.xml.


      The appropriate ModuleClassLoader is being used (deployment.myapp.war:main), but a call to getResource("WEB-INF/beanRefContext.xml") (or other variations, classpath*:, etc.) always fail.


      I drilled down into the ModuleClassLoader in the debugger, and it appears it only contains JARs from WEB-INF/lib and class files from WEB-INF/classes... in fact I can step and watch it search inside each JAR for that file.  But it doesn't search the top-level root WEB-INF directory.


      Why can't this classloader load a resource from WEB-INF/ ?