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    Cluster Server in Domain mode

    erasmo2 marciano2 Master

      Hi there, I need some help understanding how JBoss domain groups work.

      I'd like to create a JBoss architecture like this:


      node1: jboss in domain mode with servers "A", "B"

      node2: jboss in domain mode with servers "C", "D", "E"

      node3: jboss in domain mode with servers "F", "G", "H"


      I need to create the following server groups:

      Server-Group1: made of servers "A", "C", "F"

      Server-Group2: made of servers "D", "E", "G", "H"


      I cannot understand how to create a server group.

      Once instructed each jboss which is the Domain Controller node, do I just need to choose a name for the "group" attribute of "server" tag and share it with the other 3 nodes (jboss domain)  to create a group?
      eg: <server name="A" group="Server-Group1" auto-start="true">


      Is it possibile for that stuff to work without a domain controller node?

      Thank you!!