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    Hello World - A Message from Windup!

    Brad Davis Newbie

      Hello! So Nice To See You!

      Windup is a tool created to assist with migration tasks from Weblogic and Websphere to JBoss.  Red Hat Consulting has leveraged this tool internally for several years to help estimate migrations and see them through.  We hope that you find Windup helpful on your projects as you move from proprietary to open source platforms.


      By scanning an application, Windup helps to identify pain points during migrations and provide inline hints to describe the process to migrate to JBoss.  The following videos will give you a good overview of Windup.


      What is Windup?



      Windup Report Overview



      Contribution and Collaboration!

      As you find areas that Windup does not cover, please contribute back the knowledge or Windup Rules so that Windup isn't just a tool, but a platform to help others.  Use this forum as a place to discuss migration tactics, and if you aren't comfortable writing the Windup Rules, I am sure others will pick up your recommendations from the forum and get them into the tool.  We appreciate your help -- Windup only succeeds with the contributions from you, the community!


      Thank You!

      I would like to thank everyone that has helped to make Windup available to the larger, open source community.  This includes, but certainly is not limited to:


      • Emily Brand
      • Chris Wood
      • Rich Sharples
      • Richard Fontana
      • Rebecca Searls
      • Shelly McGowan
      • Pete Muir
      • Erin Link
      • James Cobb
      • Sande Gilda
      • Rachel Cassidy


      And, of course, all of the people that supported its development.  I can truely say, it is great to be at a company (Red Hat) who values creativity and gives employees the freedom to explore and create.


      PS: Follow Windup on Twitter: @JBossWindup & Tell a Friend!