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    Reformat code...

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I have reformated the master on a branch here. If you guys could please take a look on the overall formatting I have configured here...  I want to merge this on next Tuesday unless you guys propose a change on these settings.




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          borges Novice


          Since you *asked* for feedback on this:

          With regards to both XML and Java formatting:

          • I would just use whatever AS/wfly uses;
            • if we are not doing that with our Java code... I vote +1 for doing that at least with XML.
            • if we are not using AS/wild-fly XML formatting settings.... I vote +1 for either 2 or 3 indentation spaces. -1 on the 4 spaces you used.


          With regards to the Java changes. As far as I can tell,

          • you changed the defaults of casting to add a space between the cast type and the object:

                    String name = (String)object;

          String name = (String) object;
                  I prefer withOUT that space (again, you asked for feedback).


          • Can you explicitly give everyone (or commit it somewhere) the "import order" rule? It seems everyone uses different settings.
          • Not very important but FWIW, code inside examples/*/*/readme.html files is often well-formatted. Your reformatting seems to "break" their formatting.  I think we should just add all documentation/instructions to the examples' source code, and then generate the readme.html using some code -> html conversor.
          • (regardless of our formatting) any Javadoc text coming after an @author tag is broken. The re-formatting makes that more explicit. Which is good. See hornetq-bootstrap/src/main/java/org/hornetq/integration/bootstrap/HornetQBootstrapLogger.java for an example.
          I guess that is it. Are we also reformatting 2.3.x?


          Now let me get back to doing actual work....


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            borges Novice

            BTW, your reformat makes a mess with old SVN relics like this:



            * $Id: BasicPrioritizedDeque.java 1174 2006-08-02 14:14:32Z timfox $


            Can I use "sed" in advance to get rid of all of these?