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    [EAP6.1Beta - RF 4.3.2.Final-mojarra 2.1.22]  @ViewScope bean,@PostConstruct  called at each a4j:commandbutton click

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice


      I'm tested to upgrade EAP-6 to mojarra 2.1.22 (instead of 2.1.19. i ve change jar of implementation and api) , and I have regressions with a4j:commandbutton.

      I've a rich:datagrid and each grid is a composite with a <a4j:commandbutton id="delete" render="@form" ...>. The backbean is @ViewScope.

      When i click the first time on the button the grid/row is deleted, and when i click the second time it seems that the backbean is recreated. @postConstruct appears in my logs. The back bean seems recreated.

      All works fine with mojarra 2.1.19.

      Is the problem knew?