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    infinispan applicatios

    medo Newbie

      Hi ....i have some questions related to infinispan , thanks for everyone have answer or idea about them


      q1: how i can switch to other configuration file in infinispan folder ?  i try to edit the file (runGuidemo.bat) by adding the line:  -dinfinispan.configuration=file///path/to/file  but nothing happen after running (runguidemo.bat)

      because when i add that line in (runGuidemo.bat) after openning it by notepad and specify the path to be the path of (config.xml) and save changes and click on (runGuidemo.bat) no changes happen

      and i observe that in the screen of cmd .exe there was written that:'-dinfinispan.configuration' is not recognized as an internal of external command'

      so what can i do please to switch to another configuration file


      q2:when i click (runguidemo.bat) i want to get the attachemnt file  (infinispan gui) instead of attachement file(infinispan gui1) ......

      i download (infinispan-5.1.6.final-src) and (infinispan-5.1.6.final-all) and observe that the first contain the file(infinispandemo.form) in the path:

      (infinispan-5.1.6.final-src/demo/gui/src/main/java/org/infinispan/demo)and that file not exist in (infinispan-5.1.6.final-all) also the file (runGuidemo.bat) exist in (infinispan-5.1.6.final-all) and not exist in (infinispan-5.1.6.final-src)

      and when i open the file (infinispandemo.form) using wordpad i found it is very long file so please which part that i should edit to change the content of

      manipulate data tab from the original screen which contain the default content to that which contain in attachment  and after make changes in the file (infinispandemo.form) what the benifit of intellij idea form designer

      and how i can see these changes in infinispan gui and the file (runguidemo.bat) not in the folder (bin) of folder(infinispan-5.1.6.final-src)


      q3: how can i use infinispan-5.1.6.final or any version of infinispan for storing any file (whiach i can browse from my pc) to the infinispan and how i can use it also for retreiving that file again from the infinispan to my PC

      by the way my operating system is windows 7


      Thanks in advance