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    JBoss 5 EJB Question

    kherman Newbie

      This is an easy one for everyone but me.


      I gave it 8 hours at work and I give up.  Even read the whole JBoss 5 manual.


      So, I have a java client that connects to JBoss just fine if i do run.bat --host=hostname


      I now need to get this to work as a service.  I got the service installed.  Checked to make sure my ear file is working properly by going to the JBoss web portal and verifying that it is laoding without issue.


      But for the life of me, I can not figure out what i have to do to get my java client to work with JBoss when it is a service.


      I think I have it down to the need to add an XML file to my ear file and I have to modify some XML file that is part of the JBoss installation.


      Please help.


      If I should supply any information like my ajva client code, I can do that.




      PS: 5.0.1.GA