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    Scaffolding from a Join table with more than two primary key columns is not supported

    Hanine Hanynowsky Newbie

      Using JForge (latest version); one will have a hibernate error complaining about the M2M join table (linking two objects) having more than 2 key columns.

      Naturally, if you join a table with one key column with a another table with a composite primary key (two columns key), in order to get a Many to Many  relationship, you'll end up with a join table that has three key columns.


      When Forge finished scaffolding no error is displayed. You get the error when deploying to the container (JBoss as 7.1.1 for example). And the app is not deployed (rolled back).


      Is this a bug? A feature request?


      It seems to me that with the EmbeddedId bug, this one is also serious stuff!!