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    Nonsensical error message

    Gerhard Visagie Newbie

      Hi everybody;


      Im new to switchyard, and have been toying with it for a while. I have been following https://community.jboss.org/en/switchyard/blog/2012/06/22/an-impatient-newbie-user-s-introduction-to-switchyard to help get me started, but Im now stuck with a problem.


      When I want to promote my bean to a wsdl (soap) interface, I get the following error:


      I am completely flumoxed. I have checked that the SOAP facets are attached, I have made sure the iterface is valid (the bean was generated off it).

      Basicly it says "An error occuredgenerating the WSDL" then "Reason:WSDL generatin failed"

      Details just gives me the name of the test service. Any ideas?