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    jboss 7 connection close does not release statement

    Denis Toporov Newbie



      I'm extending application support for jboss 7 and found following behavior - even though the app code explicitly close connection in finally - it does not always close the statement. As a result after some time app ends up with oracle run out of cursors. I see that java spec is not providing specifics" Connection.close() - 'Releasing JDBC resources'"


      The most interesting observation that application is running well on different versions of WebLogic, WebSphere and Jboss 4 & 5 for years.


      So the question is what was changed in jboss7 and is there any configuration change required to get behavior consistent to earlier versions and other AS families?


      P.S. I know that app code should close the statements, but i have what i have at the moment.