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    Connect to a z/OS mainframe using an adapter approach or other from either SOA-P Enterprise 5.3.1 or JBoss Fuse Enterprise ESB 7.1

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      Am evaluating options other than with either Sybase's DirectConnect or IBM's DB2Connect to connect to DB2 running on z/OS. From what our findings have shown us so far, we need to connect and also do format translation from ASCII to EBCDIC and vice versa. This is of course the data approach to accessing and interacting with mainframe data. Alternatively, we are considering to use CICS sockets to connect to the mainframe via a tcp conneetion.

      All of this is being considered from either SOA-Platform v 5.3.1 or JBoss Fuse ESB v7.1.

      We are currently seeking an open source (not necessarily community edition) to help us achieve this. Any thoughts will always help.