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    Can i pass the same value to the two different request at a time.

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello RHQ,


                          I working for RHQ agent plugins, I have a doubt in metrics, In my case i want to share the value to two different metrics, first metric is measurement type, second metric is trait type, (This is the purpose for monitoring another dimension) but now i am pass the values in, when the request arrive i set the value individually by the request(normal way), Can i pass the same value to the two different request at a time.because the value passing depend by request.. Here any tricky is possible... or any edit in plugin decriptor in <metric/>,how to solve .


                 i set my metrics names like, failedlogins, traitsfailedlogins. I tried using


                       if(request.getName.contains("failedlogins") ) {

                          int a=5;

                          report.addData(new MeasurementDataNumeric(request,new Double(a) );// My frist request



                           //I want to here pass the second request here, type of trait. the reason is i want to pass the same value in trait

                          //so i tried as next line

                          //report.addData(new MeausurementDataTrait(request,String.toString(a)));


                          //how to edit the request here??