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    Listing websocket ServerEndpoints in jboss-cli

    Rich Midwinter Newbie

      So, I think this used to be a valid operation, as per https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-697


      And it looks as though there is code in Wildfly to handle ServerEndpoints: https://github.com/stuartwdouglas/jboss-as/commit/36c8245de01c8332d19a1a18e62921f627402a7e


      But I'm not seeing any sign of my ServerEndpoint appearing, hence looking for a list of these.


      Is this a bug? I'm a little unsure on whether Wildfly is just a continuation of AS7 or something more significant - it certainly looks as though JBoss Web has been replaced by undertow.



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          Stuart Douglas Master

          There is not yet any way to list websocket endpoints in the CLI. Feel free to file a JIRA about this, we will probably add it at some point but it is not a high priority at the moment.


          The Web Sockets implementation should work if you use annotated endpoints, but there was a bug in Wildfly Alpha1 where endpoints registered through javax.websocket.server.ServerApplicationConfig would not be picked up, which has been fixed upstream.