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    Cant find out gatein-jboss-beans.xml file in GateIn 3.5 (JBoss AS7)

    Anish Antony Newbie



      Now I am using GateIn 3.5 using JBoss AS7 Server. Previously i used GateIn 3.2 with JBoss 5 , At that time there is a xml file for adding login modules in gatein whose name is  gatein-jboss-beans.xml. But in GateIn 3.5 (JBoss AS7) I cant find this facility. Actually my requirement is that  i need to add a default membership for all users under /platform/users for that in gatein 3.2 i uncomment the following portion from 'gatein-jboss-beans.xml'


        <login-module code="org.exoplatform.services.organization.idm.CustomMembershipLoginModule" flag="required">

              <module-option name="portalContainerName">portal</module-option>

              <module-option name="realmName">gatein-domain</module-option>

              <module-option name="membershipType">member</module-option>

              <module-option name="groupId">/platform/users</module-option>



      But i cant find such a file or such a login module in GateIn 3.5 , What i need to do?




      Anish Antony