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    Replacing descriptors with Arquillian and ShrinkWrap

    Eduardo de Vera Toquero Newbie

      In order to do integration tests, I would like to be able to grab an existing EAR file with a bunch of modules and be able to read the different descriptors that form the application and be able to modify them for testing purposes. A clear and simple use case is obtaining the persistence.xml file and replacing the Dialect so that I can run my integration tests with a different database from the one I have in production.


      I have found the following documentation bit it is a year old, it doesnt contain any example of reconfiguration and at the end it reads "You also need to be aware that at time of writing the descriptors module is still in alpha, and has known bugs. Loading and modifying existing descriptors seems to be more issue-prone than creating them afresh, so keep that in mind".


      Has anyone tried the mentioned method? Any feedback is very welcome.