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    Aggregator returning more than one response

    Derek Croxton Newbie

      We have been load-testing our ESB implementation and have noticed that the StreamingAggregator occasionally returns more than one aggregated message.  Sometimes it returns a partial aggregation (say, two messages out of three) followed by a full aggregation, and sometimes it returns the full aggregation twice.  For some reason, this doesn't seem to affect the response that goes to the end user, but it is a cause for concern nonetheless.  If nothing else, it makes our request-response logging cockeyed, because one request gets associated with more than one response.  (A single request is split into multiple threads and then recombined by the aggregator before being returned to the requestor.)


      I'm having trouble figuring out how this could be happening or what we can do about it.  Are there any known issues related to the aggregator behaving like this?  Are there any anomalies that could cause this kind of misbehaviour?