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    Marshalling / RPC Performance

    Michel Werren Novice

      Hello together


      A couple developers in our project told me about partial not so good performance with Errai RPC. In our application we have many views with lists (also more than one list per view).


      I have created a plain maven archetype project from Errai 2.2.0 and native GWT 2.4.0 to compare and used the following dto class for the test:





      public class ModelClass {


                private ModelClass modelClass;


                private Long time;


                private String string;


           private String string1;


                private Double aDouble;




      For the test i generated 100 association instances and the server just returns the same data back to the client.


      Unfortunately the native GWT RPC invocation needed ~80ms to success and the Errai RPC ~130ms. We use Caller proxies for RPC.

      I also played around with the errai.bus.buffer_allocation_mode , servlet implementations. No significant difference.


      The test runs on the same JBoss AS 7.1.1.


      Maybe anyone knows other possible points where i can try to improve the performance or to check?