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    [JBoss 5.1.0 GA] Problems with vsf-nested-tmp dir size having an external deployment dir

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      I am having problems with the vsf-nested.tmp dir size (in the jboss temp folder). I have already read other posts in these forums like this one, but the solutions I have read are not working for me.


      I thought that the problem could have something to do with the fact that in my JBoss installation I have set an extra dir as deployment dir (and outside of the JBOSS_HOME). For this, I have the profile.xml modified with a new entry:


        <list elementClass="java.net.URI">


           <!--<value>file:/${my.external.base.dir}/deploy</value> -->



      And, as I read in this other post I have updated the vsf.xml file (in server/default/conf/bootstrap) adding a new entry for this additional folder:




                <value><inject bean="VfsNamesExceptionHandler"/></value>




      The thing is that when the server is up and my application is running, from time to time the number of jars in the [MY_JBOSS_HOME]/server/default/tmp/vfs-nested.tmp dir is increasing. Each time the same jars are added (but with different prefixes), so the disk ends running out of space.


      I have seen in other posts and in the documentation that it´s possible to set options for VFS tunning like "jboss.vfs.forceCopy", but I have also read that this could solve the disk space problem but become a memory problem.


      I think that the external dir can have something to do with the problem because I have the same application with a JBoss without external deployments dir that haven´t got the problem (with no extra configuration). So I don´t know if I am missing any configuration since I added this extra folder, if there is any incompatibility or what ...



      Additional info:

      • Running the default profile
      • The machine in which JBoss is running is a Linux machine
      • The folder increases always the same amount of MB



      Any help would be appreciated.



      Thanks in advance,