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    comming from osworkflow

    fachhoch con Newbie

      I used osworkflow and now we want   to move to jBPM, tutorials of osworkflow   describe defining process difiniotaiton and using java code to start the process and perform actions and its simple persisitance layer   is self explanatory just by looking tables  we can understand how it works.

      in  jBPM   is it too copmplex to write the  process definition in xml  ?  does jBMP users write process difinition in xml ?

      I am reading the book  BPM5 Developer guide , the process definition exaplined there using BPM  was too complex   and no talk of writing it  but use the tool to create it.

      Is there a  tutorial explaining  writing a simple flow and using java api to start  and  persists.

      All I care  is defining a simple flow  in xml , use api  to start and perform actions and datamnmodel on how this is persisted in  database ?

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          Mauricio Salatino Master


          This is a common scenario, you are jumping from a very simple framework that allows you to create workflows (a little bit more than a state machine) to a full blown BPM tool, which is based on the bpmn2 standard modelling notation (600+ pages of technical spec) so it will denitely not be the same.

          You can use jbpm5 or 6 similar to how you used Os workflow but you need to understand the differences first.

          I would recommend you to take a look at the examples provides in the book or at the tests inside the framework code base to learn the basics and get you started.

          Writing the bpmn2 by hand is usually a very technical task and we usually recommend using the process designe for such task.