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    IIOP lookup & foo-commonj.sar workmanager issue

    rajesh k Newbie

      We are migration websphere to jboss 6.0.1 eap. We came across couple of things during jboss migration. We decided to use Jboss 6.0.1 EAP for migration.

      Can Jboss 6.0.1 EAP support EJB over IIOP?

      We have websphere's workmanager feature which needs to be migrate using commonj. I tried to foo-commonj.sar to make use of workmanager features from ejb in Jboss 6.0.1 EAP. I used previous versions support jars to register commonj jndi in Jboss 6.0.1 EAP without any luck.


      Any help me would be appreciated.