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    Real time use case of Switchyard

    udhayakumar thangaraju Newbie



      Let me briefly explain here what i am trying to experiment.


      I have a Java application, a .Net application and a PHP application, all of them expose their service as webservices(Java is SOAP based and rest is REST based). Since i have web service already in place in all of these applications, is it feasible to make use of swithyard and come up with integration layer?


      Besides the above, i have the following questions


      1) what is the exact usage of Beans services? I have all the services in place in the form of EJB in java application then why should use bean services to implement the service again.

      2) Is there any document where i can read and understand more on these switchyard items?

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          Keith Babo Master

          If the applications you are integrating with have REST and SOAP-based interfaces, then integrating them via SY should be no problem at all.  You can use SOAP and REST reference bindings to invoke external services from your SY application.  For information on bean services, check out the quickstarts and our documentation.  This might help too:



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            udhayakumar thangaraju Newbie



            Thanks for your time.


            I am very new to this integration enviroment. I am sorry if my question is too naive.


            When we talk about integration, there is always a chance of heterogeneous enviroment where each application may talk to one or more applications. Now i have two applications, one is a Java application which provide "x" set of services and the same has to be consumed by a .Net application. Here, Java application has it own web services exposed, .Net application consumes by making a call to Java application web services. Now, incase if want to make use of Swityard without making a direct call to Java webservices, how it needs to done and what benefits i would get out of it.


            I also can't able to understand the exact usage of beans service, because i have all the business logic inside my application then why should i implement the same in the beans once again.