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    Guvnor Username AND Password


      Hi All,

      I have Guvnor Application which is running but i dont have username and password to login .... Can anyone please tell me username and password

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          Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie

          By defauly there is no username password required for guvnor u might have configured authentication in drools-guvnor.war/WEB-INF/beans.xml. Enable the bold for no authentication in place.



          <!-- No real authentication: demo authentication for demo purposes -->





          <!-- JAAS based authentication


          <!-- IDM based authentication (supports LDAP, see Seam 3 and PicketLink IDM documentation) -->







          For authentication in place for guvnor visit following link.


          title of the link is

          Exceptions in JAAS Authentication in GUVNOR 7.1