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    a4j:commandLink oncomplete script not working when rich:tabPanel contains commandLink

    Xiaobin Zhang Newbie

      Hello everyone:

           my code show below , i found that when there is a commandLink(h:commandLink or a4j:commanLink) in the rich:tabPanel , then the oncomplete javascript will not be triggered at all, and when i remove the commandLink inside the rich:tabPanel ,the outside commandLink oncomplete script was just working fine,can someone help me explain that,and how  to work it out? many thanks!







               <f:facet name="header"></f:facet>

                   <a4j:commandLink id="commandLink-outSide" value="AJAX CLICK"


                         oncomplete="alert('complete')" execute="@this"


                   <h:outputText value="Panel Body" /></rich:panel>


                          <rich:tabPanel id="subjectTabs" switchType="client">

                               <rich:tab id="sigle_tab" name="sigle-tab" contentClass="subject-content-class">


                                                             <h:commandLink id="commandLink-inside" value="title" styleClass="subject-text"

                                                                  action="#{competitionBean.testAction}">  </h:commandLink>











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